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National Engineering and Construction Salary Survey

About The Survey
The National Engineering and Construction Salary Survey (NECSS) is a compensation information source specifically focused on engineering and construction / construction management companies with significant operations in both areas, primarily in the power, petrochemical, civil, environmental, transportation and / or mining and metals industries. The survey covers approximately 17 job families (104 jobs) and provides policy and practice information in areas of salary administration, turnover, overtime, college recruiting and hiring rates, as well as variable pay plans.

The NECSS is a club survey guided by the NECSS Steering Committee with significant member involvement. The survey is managed by Pearl Meyer.

Membership Requirements
To participate and maintain membership in the National Engineering and Construction Salary Survey, participants must meet the following requirements:

  • Requires an initial new member application and approval by the Steering Committee and membership.
  • Timely submission of completed:
    • Job Data Input, including:
      • Base Salary
      • Cash Incentives
    • Policies and Practices Questionnaire
  • Participation in the job matching meeting once every three years.
  • Attendance at the annual results meeting each year
  • Ongoing, annual participation is expected



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